Course Description

Are You Worried About Sending Your
Loved One(s) To College?

College For Less, Inc. was founded in response to parents who were telling us that they were worried about not being able to send their children, or grandchildren, to college. They were frustrated by the complexity of the college planning process and were concerned with the ever- increasing costs of college.

We were strongly encouraged by personal friends, who were high school guidance counselors, to create a business that could significantly help students and their parents with their total college planning issues - including the financial cost of college. College For Less was also created to help middle school and high school students shape their future through state-of-the-art planning practices.

We at College For Less, Inc. serve as educational consultants for students who are motivated to shape their future. We also assist parents to encourage and empower their students to take responsibility for and to shape their own educational and occupational future.

We provide guidance to students and their parents on how to successfully:

  1. Discover, validate, celebrate, & articulate their unique traits and strengths
  2. Find & connect with occupations that actively seek persons just like them
  3. Create & articulate their personal strategic direction
  4. Select the appropriate college that aligns with their strategic direction
  5. Graduate from college
    • – Debt-free
    • – Academically prepared
    • – Professionally prepared & experienced
    • – Professionally wanted
    • – Prepared to be an expert/leader in their chosen occupation field, in the next 10 years
The College for Less System is designed to develop Strategies and Processes that empower each student to make smart, confident choices regarding:

  1. How do I select my best educational path?
  2. How do I maximize the value of my education?
  3. How do I minimize the cost of my education?
  4. How can I maximize my impact in this world by becoming a major contributor who solves problems/issues that I feel passionate about?
  5. How do I shape my own personal future?
  6. How can I “open doors” by succinctly articulating “Who I Am”?
  7. How can I create huge opportunities by clearly and succinctly articulating my preferred “Strategic Direction”?
  8. How do I become an expert/leader in my preferred career field within the next 10,000 hours of “diligent practice”?

Using College To “Find Yourself”

Many students say that they are going to college to "find themselves". Tragically, that is one of the most expensive, and least effective, ways of growing up.

Yes, students should be discovering new things about themselves, about other people and about the world around them in college. However, the data shows that most students fail to "find themselves" in college. Fifty percent (50%) of all incoming freshmen will never graduate from college. They will drop out of college with no degree or certificate. And most of these students will have acquired foolish debt, while squandering their time in college.

It is much more cost-effective and time-efficient to "find yourself" before you ever visit, apply, or commit to a college.

At College For Less, Inc. we help students discover, analyze, verify and articulate who they uniquely are. We also help them to discover which occupations want someone just like them. And we help them discover which educational paths will best prepare them to be experts/leaders in their preferred career field within their next 10,000 hours of diligent practice.

If this would be helpful to your student, please allow us to help them as they shape their future.

Expect MORE From Your Education!


  1. Academic Excellence
    1. Learning the Language of the academic field – proficient enough to teach it.
    2. Learning the Processes of the academic field – proficient enough to teach it.
  2. Occupational Connections:
    1. Meet, know, and work with persons who are making contributions to my professional field.
    2. Create life-long Mentors within my professional field - (conferences, communications, special events, .....)
    3. Participate in meaningful Internships and/or summer employment - experience that is actively related to my professional field.
  3. Academic Credentials: a diploma or professional designation that illustrates my proficiency in my selected occupational field.
  4. Personal Improvement:
    1. Defined focus for my professional future
    2. Enthusiastic clarity about my future goals
    3. Strong desire and confidence to contribute to my initial professional organization
    4. Ability to see how my current contributions contribute to my future objectives

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Mike Crawford

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Module 1.0 Welcome, Activate, & Login

    • Course Overview - Table of Contents

    • Capturing My Thoughts - Intro - Student

    • Capturing My Thoughts - Intro - Student - form

    • LoginLetter - New Student

  • 2

    Module 1 - Who I Am

    • Intro to Module 1

    • Discovering My Preferred Tendencies

  • 3

    Module 2 - My Chosen Career Fields

    • Intro to Module 2

    • Looking Deeper Into “My Self Analysis

  • 4

    Module 3 - My Strategic Direction

    • Intro to Module 3

    • Creating “Self Analysis Preferences List” Spreadsheet

    • Example - Self Analysis Preferences List spreadsheet

    • Combining Preferences - special situation

  • 5

    Module 4 - Guidance From The Professionals

    • Clarifying My Preferred Tendencies – 2nd Time

  • 6

    Module 5 - Developing My Primary Majors/Minors

    • Creating My “Who I Am” Paragraph

  • 7

    Module 6 - Creating My Choice Educational Path

    • Clarifying My Preferred Tendencies – 3rd Time

  • 8

    Module 7 - Maximizing The Value of The College Visit

    • Verifying My “Who I Am” Paragraph

  • 9

    Module 8 - Beyond The Academics

    • Clarifying My Preferred Tendencies – 4th Time

  • 10

    Module 9 - Skill Preparation Before College

    • Finalizing My Current “Who I Am” Paragraph